KatoKA 2000 
DemagCC 2400Manufacturer: Demag
Model: CC2400
Capacity: 440
Boom: 315
Engine Model: Daimler OM 501 LA diesel engine
Winch: 3
DemagCC 4000JMain Boom: 18-102 m
Total weight: 425 t
Track (Crawler cranes): 12000 mm
Carrier Engine: Cummins VT-903-C 350
Power: 256 kW / 348 PS
Max Speed: 1,3 km/h
Superstructure Engine: Cummins VT-903-C 350
Power: 256 kW / 348 PS
HitachiKH 500Basic Boom Lenght: 16.0 m
Max Boom Length: 73.0 m
Jib Lenght: 9.0 - 22.5 m
Swing Speed: 2.3 rpm
Gradeability: 17 degrees
Operating weight: 106000 kg
Model: Isuzu 6RB1T
Power: 280ps
IHICCH 2000Model: Cummins QSL
Type: Water cooled, 4-cycle, direct fuel injection, turbocharged
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400L
Swing speed: 1.7min-1(1.7rpm)
Travel Speed: 0.9/0.6 km/h
Max. Lifting: 200metric tons x 5.0m
Max. boom length: 90m
Max. boom length: 90m
Hook block capacity x Part line: 200ton x 16
KobelcoCKE 1800Crane Boom Max.
Lifting Capacity: 160 t × 4.4 m
Max.Length: 85.3 m
Swing Speed: 2.6 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed: 1.1 / 0.7 km/h
Model: HINO P11C-UN
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 litres
Kobelco7250-2FCrane Boom Max.
Lifting Capacity: 250 t × 4.6 m
Long Boom Max. Lifting Capacity: 37.5 t × 14.4 m
Swing Speed: 2.2 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed: 1.1 / 0.7 km/h
Model: HINO P11C-UN
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 Litres
Kobelco7055Model: Mitsubishi 6D22C diesel
Type: Water cooled, direct fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity: 280 Litres
Basic Boom Length: 12.19 m
Max Boom Lenght: 51.82 m
Toyota60-8FD30Mast: 2 stages, Height: 3700 mm
Tyres Drive / type: 28x9-15 puncture proof
Tyres Steer / type: 650x10 puncture proof
Fuel: Diesel
Toyota7FB30Drawbar pull (max.): 121.6 kN (kilonewton) (27,336.76 lbf)
Lift speed with load: 320 mm / sec. (12.60 in/sec)
Lift speed, no load: 550 mm / sec. (21.65 in/sec)
Electric system: Battery(940kg) 80V/370AH
Gross weight (with load): 6930 kg (15,278.04 lb)
HitachiFK 600Boom Length: 68 m
Lifting Capacity: 150,000kgs
Jib: 36 m
Slewing unit: HSK B1848-1 DF-2
Chassis: Mitsubishi K1302
Carrier Engine: Mitsubishi 8DC9
KatoNK-1000Maximum Lift capacity: 100 000 kg
Maximum lift height: 59m
Gross weight: 63 000 kg
Boom length: from minimum 12m to maximum 44m
Jib length of crane: from minimum 9.5m to maximum 15m
Max. Lifting capacity at end of jib: 1250 kg
Engine Model: Nissan PAT DS150
Steering type: ball nut with power assist
Max. Speed: 55 km/h
Grade-ability: 26%
KatoNK-550VRModel: CA6DL1-31 (EURO-II)
Gross Power: 305.8 hp
Max Torque: 811.3 lb ft
Operating Weight: 91712.3 lb
Carrier Fuel Capacity: 100.4 gal
Tire Size: 12.00R20-18PR
Type: manual transmission type
Swing Speed: 1.9 rpm
KatoNK-500Model: Mitsubishi 8DC9-2A
Gross Power: 295 hp
Power Measured: 2200 rpm
Max Torque: 759 lb ft
Operating Weight: 86862.1 lb
Carrier Fuel Capacity: 79.3 gal
Tire Size: 12.00-20-18PR
Transmission: synchromesh and constantmesh gear
Swing Speed: 2.4 rpm
SumitomoHC-78-BSLinkbelt Sumitomo HC78BS
Weight 42000kg
Mechanical truck crane
KalmarDRF450-60S5KEngine Model: Volvo TAD1250VE
Standard tyres: L4x2
Engine Power: 247 kW
COG: 1200 mm
Max. reach horizontal: 6,315 m
Total width: 4150 mm
Lifting height: 15,1 m
Travel speed with / without load: 21/25 km/h
KalmarDCE80-45EBESEngine Model: Volvo TAD720VE
Standard tyres: 4x/2
Engine power: 174 kw
COG: 1220 mm
Net weight: 39,55 t
Lifting height by max. Carrying capacit: 21,18 m
Travel speed with / without load: 25/27 km/h
Linde LadenC4531TL/5 RSLoad capacity: 45000 kg
Lift height: 15 m
Overall height: 4670
Tires: Pneumatic
Accessories: 20-40ft Hydraulic Spreader full container
cabin height: 4100
center of gravity: 1790 mm
dealer price: 0.00
Mast type: Telescopic
GroveRT750EModel: Cummins QSB 6.7L diesel
Gross Power: 240 hp
Max Torque: 728 lb ft
Fuel Capacity: 72.1 gal
Tire Size: 29.5x25-28PR
Transmission Type: Spicer powershift
Boom Number of Sections: 4
Swing Speed: 2.5 rpm
Carrier/Base Length: 26.4 ft in
GroveRT760EModel: Cummins QSB 6.7L diesel
Gross Power: 240 hp
Max Torque: 728 lb ft
Fuel Capacity: 72.1 gal
Tire Size: 29.5x25-28PR
Transmission Type: Spicer powershift
Swing Speed: 2.5 rpm
GroveRT890EModel: Cummins QSB 6.7L
Gross Power: 274.9 hp
Power Measured: 2500 rpm
Max Torque: 728 lb ft
Torque Measured: 1500 rpm
Operating Weight: 115976 lb
Fuel Capacity: 72.1 gal
Tire Size: 29.5x25-34bias
Boom Number of Sections: 5
Swing Speed: 2 rpm
GroveRT650EEngine Model: Cummins 6BT 5.9L diesel
Maximum torque: 530 ft. lbs. (719Nm) @ 1,500 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity: 58 gallons (220 L)
Max Speed: 24 MPH (39 km/h), 33 ft. - 105 ft. (10.1 m - 32 m) four-section
full-power synchronized boom
Maximum tip height: 112 ft. (34.1 m)
KatoKR-10HMax. lifting capacity 10ton
Gross vehicle weight 12,145kg
Overall length (LxWxH) 6.60 x 2.00 x 2.80 (m)
Engine HNO W04C-T 103.0kw{140ps}/3000rpm
Max. lifting height (Boom / Jib) 22.5m
Boom length (Boom / Jib) 21.5m, No. of sections(Boom / Jib) 6
KatoKR-25HMax. lifting capacity 25ton
Gross vehicle weight 26,450kg
Overall length (LxWxH) 11.00 x 2.62 x 3.52 (m)
Engine MTB 6D16T
Max. lifting height (Boom / Jib) 31.2/44.8m
Boom length (Boom / Jib) 30.5/7.9-13m
KatoSR 700-LModel: Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Max Power: 257 kw
Main Boom: 10.0m to 44.5m
Fuel Tank Capacity: 300 L
TadanoTR-250M/4Boom Length: 9.5 to 30.5 m
Jib Length: 8.0 to 13.0 m
Swing Speed: 3.0 rpm
Model: Mitsubishi 6D16
Power: 220 PS
Max Torque: 1600 rpm
TadanoTR-350M-3 RTCSERIES 3
35 TON
20.5 25 TIRES
TerexRT-160Model: Cummins 6CT8.3L
Gross Power: 215 hp
Power Measured: 2500 rpm
Max Torque: 558 lb ft
Operating Weight: 90463 lb
Fuel Capacity: 80 gal
Boom Min Height @ Max Raise Angle: 10.4 m
Max Height @ Max Raise Angle - no jib: 35.1 m
Max Elevating Angle: 78 degrees
Max Lift Capacity: 5443.1 kg
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